Indonesian Robotics Olympiad

In House Workshop IRO 2019

Indonesian Robotic Olympiad 2019 has 2 new categories, namely the category is:

  1. ITS-Lego Programming “Elementary”
  2. ITS-Lego Programming “Senior High”

This category is intended for elementary and high school / vocational high school students who have never participated in a lego competition at the national level.

To support this, the committee will make a workshop called “In-House Workshop IRO 2019”. This workshop will be held at the school/place where the IRO 2019 participants in the special category are located. Requirements for the workshop are:

  1. Workshop participants at least 10 teams that have been registered in the IRO 2019 competition.
  2. From 1 school that is the same / or combined from several schools in one region.

The fee for this workshop is FREE. The costs include:

  1. Costs for organizing training Robot rental
  2. Fees Cost of workshop materials In its implementation

IRO 2019 In-House Workshop has 4 provisions:

  1. Workshop in East Java will not be charged fees
  2. Workshop in East Java for more than 1 day will be subject to accommodation fees
  3. Workshop shop in Central Java will subject to accommodation costs for the speaker team and half the transport costs of the workshop team,
  4. Besides in East Java and Central Java, a full fee will be charged for accommodation and transportation of the speaker team.

The methods for registering the IRO 2019 Workshop are as follows:

  1. Contact the committee to determine the place and date House Workshop IRO 2019
  2. Fill out the registration form at the link below.